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Episode 4. - Finding Balance with Katie Miles of Katie Talks Therapy and Habitbetter

Hello, kindred spirit!

I'm Tricia, your friendly, sensitive and creative small business coach, I hope that you are having a beautiful, beautiful day.

I am so excited because this is the very first interview episode of this podcast, It's Not Business, It's Personal.

I will tell you all that when I sat down to create the outline of this season of the show, I was just really trying to think through what would be I mean, just the best guidance and support that I could bring you who were the best people to talk to who, you know, what could I make sure to say for you that would really, you know, help you and change your life.

And I started to create a list of the people that I would love to interview and the absolute very first person that I put on the list was Katie Miles. I am just so so thrilled to be joined by Katie today.

Katie is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, you may know her as Katie Talks Therapy on both TikTok and Instagram where she has just built this beautiful following. And just creates this content that people really, really resonate with all about relationship therapy and therapy in general mental health. She's also the co founder of the app habit better, which is a brand new way for therapists and coaches to take care of their clients and to ensure client success. They are going to revolutionize the coaching and therapy world. And so we're so excited to be following along with that. So Katie's just taking care of clients, she's taking care of her fellow therapists, she trained at one of the top 10 academic medical centers in the US. Very impressive. And she has her own private practice now in San Diego. And also she's getting married this year.

So lots of just beautiful things happening with you, Katie, welcome. Thank you so much for joining me.