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Episode 2. - The Secret to Business

Hello, kindred spirit!

I’m so glad to be here with you today. It’s a beautiful day here in L.A. I had a wonderful, impactful VIP day with a client this morning and then took a long walk, and now I get to spend time connecting with you before going over to my best friend’s house for dinner. So it’s a pretty great day, I gotta say.

I’m feeling grateful and inspired. And I hope you leave today’s episode feeling the same way!

Today I’m disclosing the secret to business.

But as you know, this podcast is all about flipping the script on how we talk about business. So this secret to business isn’t just for everyone, this is specifically the secret to business for sensitive and creative small business owners.

The reason I became a business coach in the first place is because when I first went into business for myself (I used to do brand design) I was looking for support and saw that most of the mainstream coaching out there was for a few very specific personality types that were not me at all:⠀

“If you’re not motivated, you’re just not inspired enough!”⠀

“Crush it! Take massive action right now! Show up every day 24/7.”

Or those humble brags: “I did these 3 things and immediately made six figures.”

Have you seen some of the same rhetoric? It’s intimidating, right? No wonder we think that there’s no space for us in the business world.