1:1 Services

Just imagine showing up every day confident in what you're doing and able to focus on just your strengths. You know what problems you solve and what you need to do to stand out to your target audience. You have a brand that feels like the best version of you and you can't wait to show it off.



If you're thinking "OMG yes," then keep scrolling, my friend. 👇🏼



She took my mind mess and created a serious brand within weeks.





MONICA  |  Unsocially Inclined



Together we cultivate your In-Demand Brand

and help you THRIVE in your business.



A comprehensive audit of your current brand

Your program will be tailored just for YOU

(1) 15 min. Targeted "Emergency" Session per month

Get quick feedback or support when you need it

Goal Setting & Accountability

I'll help you stay on track

(2) 1 hr. Coaching Sessions per month

Virtual, scheduled at your convenience

Consistent Email Support

Reach out any time

Targeted Education

& "Homework"

Continue growing & learning

You're a small business owner, freelancer, or solopreneur (or you're hoping to become one in the near future!) who needs regular support and accountability from someone who's been in your shoes.


You want to level up your business, brand, sales, and audience but you're not sure what to do next. You're having trouble getting the full vision of what your business and brand look like, and need a listening ear and some creative direction.

You struggle with charging what you're worth and setting boundaries with your clients. You sometimes feel taken advantage of, and regularly feel drained of energy.

You're ready to invest the time and resources it takes to accomplish your goals.

This may be

right for you if. . .



Set goals + make a plan

Learn your strengths

Set business boundaries



Find your niche

Clarify your ideal customer

Refine your visual aesthetic



Package your services

Build your content strategy

Plan a launch or campaign



Set up your biz back end

Find your best platforms

Learn design basics


Show up consistently

Be seen as yourself

Stop emotional spirals

→  Clear the overwhelm and feel more focused than ever. You'll feel like you accomplish so much more because you had a consistent accountability partner.

→  Find your niche and gain MAJOR clarity on your target audience. Learn how to connect with your ideal client in a way that only empaths can, and refine how you can best serve them.

→  Gain the confidence you need to set business boundaries, charge what you're worth, and handle challenging people with grace.

→  Have the mindset & business tools you need to show up consistently. Get clear on what's holding you back and how to set yourself up for success.

Through working with me, you will. . .

You could continue on without quite knowing what to do next and end up wasting so much time, energy, and money. Don't make the classic small business mistake of trying to do this alone!

Ready to get the support you need?



Together we establish your visual branding +

you get designs you can't wait to show off


My vision was expressed effortlessly!







AMBER  |  A Daily Dose of Waistbeads

This may be

right for you if. . .

You're a small business owner, freelancer, or solopreneur building a new brand from scratch or fully re-branding

You have your product or service established, you just need the online presence and collateral necessary to sell it

You're looking to start your business the RIGHT way by diving deep into creating your brand before designing any visuals

You're ready to invest the time and resources it takes to partner on a project of this size

Business Cards
Business Cards

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Marketing Collateral
Marketing Collateral

press to zoom
Website Design
Website Design

press to zoom
Business Cards
Business Cards

press to zoom


(3) In-Depth Brand Consultations

Pinterest Board Collaboration

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Brand Icon

Brand Style Guide

Includes all brand standards:


Color Codes

Usage Guidelines

Styling Notes

Unlimited Support

Brand Identity


Custom Mood Board

& Color Pallette

Brand Pattern, Texture, or Graphic Style

Custom Website Template


Landing Page + Email Marketing Funnel

Plus training on how to manage

it yourself.

5 Add'l. Design Options

Choose from:

Business Cards

Marketing Collateral


Custom Illustration or Graphic

Email Template

Informational PDF

Social Media Graphics

After working

with me, you'll have. . .

A brand identity that feels like the best version of you. Gain MAJOR clarity on who you are, what you represent, and who you serve.

→  A strong and concise vision for your business. Move forward with the confidence that your brand is built to attract your ideal customers.

→  Stand-out graphic design and marketing materials that you can't wait to show off, and a clear direction on how to move forward with your visual brand.


You could do it all yourself and end up burnt out, not liking what you've created, and ready to quit already. Your time and energy are precious. Let me do the work of building your dream branding so you can focus on what you actually wanted to do: help people!

Ready to level up?

Frequently asked questions


Can we meet in person?

If you're in the Los Angeles area and you're interested in meeting face to face, let me know and we'll see what we can do!

What kind of clients do you work with?

I work with small business owners, solopreneurs, and freelancers that are looking to build their online presence and strengthen their brand. My clients primarily include coaches, therapists, creatives, and service-based entrepreneurs. Plus one major movie studio! I'm passionate about building strong brands that attract big fans. A lot of my clients also identify as empathic, highly sensitive, introverted, emotional, or all of the above. As someone who also identifies with these markers, I've cultivated specific tools over the years that have helped me clear the overwhelm and anxiety and let my business thrive. I share these tools as part of my coaching, and help implement strategies to improve mindset and organization.

What will I get from working with you?

  • Major clarity on your brand. Find your niche and really get to know your target audience. Learn how to connect with your ideal client in a way that only empaths can, and refine how you can best serve them.
  • A stronger mindset. Clear the overwhelm and feel more focused than ever.
  • Confidence. Learn to set business boundaries, charge what you're worth, and handle challenging people with grace.
  • The business tools you need to show up consistently. Get clear on what's holding you back and how to set yourself up for success.
  • Accountability. Feel like you accomplished SO MUCH because you had a consistent accountability partner. You know I'll check in!
Schedule a free strategy session to see if we'd be a good fit!

Why do I need a business coach?

If you're in business, you need a coach-- at least to get going! I've had a business coach since before I even started. Here are the top 3 reasons why:

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY. If you have trouble motivating, or feel like you're constantly treading water without really moving forward, you need an outside perspective. I'll help you set goals, prioritize, make a calendar, and then stick with it.
  2. MINDSET. There are going to be times that you do not feel like working, but need to power through. I'll give you the tools you need to get through hard days, and be here for you if you have questions or need a little pep talk.
  3. MENTORSHIP & FEEDBACK. There is so much business education out there- how do you know what's right and what's going to work best for you? As an experienced brand strategist, I can help filter out the noise and get you focused on what's going to work with your strengths and get you results fast. I'll also help make sure that your branding and business stay on track with targeted analytics and feedback.
Schedule a free strategy call to learn more!


What does a business coach do?

Think of me like the best school guidance counselour you could have had when you were a student. I'm here to guide you through your journey as an entrepreneur. I'll help keep you prioritized and on track. I'll help you up when you're feeling down. I'll advise you on how to set up your business to best support you. And I'll make sure you're on brand and communicating with your ideal audience each step of the way. When you first get started, we'll audit your branding and business systems, see where you're struggling, and review your goals. Each time we meet we'll review your progress, tackle any specific issues, and recalibrate for moving forward. You'll be amazed at how much you can get done in such a short amount of time! Schedule a free strategy call to learn more.

How does payment work?

I take payment by credit card through my payment processing system. Once we establish your contract, I'll set up a reoccuring transfer for each month you have contracted. If you would like to pay all upfront, let me know and I'll give you a discount!

What's included in your coaching package?

If you know, you know I am ALL about providing value! I absolutely make sure that you get your money's worth. Here is what you'll receive:

  1. A comprehensive audit of your current business and brand - so we can get a clear look at where you are and set goals that are just right for you.
  2. (2) One hour coaching sessions per month - virtual meetings, scheduled at your convenience
  3. (1) 15-min. targeted "emergency" session per month - a quick phone meeting, scheduled within 24 hours! Get quick feedback on something you're working on, or get some support on a hard day.
  4. Consistent email support - reach out any time
  5. Goal setting and accountability - I'll help you get focused and stay on track
  6. Targeted education and "homework" - I'll teach you everything I know, plus give specific recommendations for books, articles, podcasts, etc.
Schedule a strategy call to learn more!

Branding Design

When is payment due?

A 50% deposit is due when the initial contract is signed, and final payment is due before the final deliverables are sent over and the website is changed over to your ownership. If needed, we can work out additional payments, but your invoice must be fully paid before you receive your final files and website ownership.

How do I know you'll create something I love?

I have numerous client testimonials that can assure you that I do everything I can to make my clients happy. Before I start any project with a client, I do a free in-depth strategy call where I make sure that not only are we a good fit to work together, but I also make sure to go over our process, pricing, and contracts. Once a contract has been signed but before I start creating, I present moodboards, proofs etc. (as required per project) to make sure we are on the same page every step of the way. Every contract also includes a number of revisions, so you can be sure to give all the notes you need. My ultimate goal is to build your confidence and give you direction in your brand, so you can be sure that I'll do everything possible to create something you're proud to show! Schedule a free strategy call to learn more.

How long is the process?

If you provide all materials and notes by my scheduled due dates, the estimated turnaround time for the full branding package (from initial consultation to final deliverables and website launch) is 8 weeks. If you need your materials quicker, I'd be happy to work with you! Rush fees may apply.

Do I have to buy a whole package? Do you do one-off design work?

See the previous question "What's the difference between a graphic designer and brand designer" for the full explanation! I don't typically offer one-off designs because as a brand designer I put a lot of deliberation and strategy into what I create. My branding design packages include an audit and multiple consultations before delivery. I work within the full context of your brand, and dive deep before designing. It's a more in-depth process than most people who want a one-off design may be interested in. That being said, you're welcome to ask! If the design is familiar, or for a passion project, or something I'm confident I can create for you within schedule and budget, I'd be happy to .

What's the difference between brand design and graphic design?

Graphic designers offer "one off" designs quickly (and a lot of times cheaply). The designs are created with a general audience in mind, and can be replicated easily. Graphic designers are focused on getting projects out the door quickly without much consideration for who they're designing for. A brand designer designs with the bigger picture in mind. The design is always strategic and considers your brand as a whole, including who you are, what you represent, and what problems you solve. A brand designer creates with your ideal client in mind, while also making it authentic to you. Brand designers don't work in parts. Also, all designs are accompanied by full branding guidelines and the dos and don'ts in keeping your brand visuals consistent. If you're looking for the second choice, I'm your gal!

Empath Entrepreneurs Membership

When is the membership launching?

We'll be announcing the launch in the next few weeks, so make sure you're signed up for the waitlist! (Bonus, you'll get The Empath Entrepreneurs Toolkit for free. 🙌 )

What's a membership, and what's included in yours?

You are in for a TREAT, my friend. Online memberships are basically really fun virtual clubs made exactly for you, with people who are like you, by people who are like you. Some are fun, some are serious. We aim to do both! By joining, here's what you'll get:

  1. Access to our private Facebook group where all the good stuff happens, including:
    • Weekly lives from Katie and me
    • Guest expert lives
    • Deep dive forum discussions
    • Podcast club
    • Enneagram workshops
    • Introvert-friendly happy hour networking
    • and MORE!
  2. Access to the education portal of my website that is full of business, branding, and mindset info (basically what you see on my Instagram x100), with a new lesson added EVERY month!
This is everything we wished we had when we were starting out in business, and want to support you every step of the way. Learn more about the membership here!


Do you only work with empaths?

No, especially when it comes to brand design! My 1:1 business coaching is focused more towards empaths and highly sensitive people because I myself identify with those markers, so I have a unique ability to speak to and work with those personalities. However, I'm happy to help everyone I can! If my style resonates with you, I'd love to talk to you. Schedule a free strategy call to learn more!

How do I know if I'm an empath or highly sensitive?

The best way to learn specific traits about your personality like these is through a licensed therapist. Here are also a few resources: 13 Signs You're an Empath 21 Signs You're a Highly Sensitive Person

Fine Print

Do you offer a guarantee?

I offer a you a partnership. So I guarantee that I will show up for you 100%, and I'll continue to make sure you're happy with the work I'm providing for you. But that means that you have to show up too! I can only get you so far as either your business coach or designer, you have to do the work to achieve your goals. That being said, I have never had a client end my services or leave my care unhappy. My clients' results speak for themselves! Schedule a free strategy call to learn more.

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Entrepreneurship can be super lonely. We're here for you! Get consistent support in your business journey from a biz coach and a therapist, along with a community of other ambitious empaths.