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Audio Lessons + Worksheet


Get clear on your sales pitch & processes.

Learn how to center your business around your ideal client, confidently articulate what you do, and set up an efficient sales process. As always, don't hesitate to reach out with questions!


These were originally live videos, made into easy audio files for your convenience!

The Ultimate Secret to Making Sales

How to Turn Followers into Paying Clients

What to Do if People Aren't Buying

Check In


Streamline your sales pitch + process.

For your ideal clients to buy, they need to know that you know them and what they really want and need. You also want to make your sales process as clear and painless as possible! Use this exercise to really think through how you think about, speak about, package, and sell your products/services.


Make sure and listen to the audio lessons first so that these questions make sense!

Goal Setting

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