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Self + Business Check In, Goal Setting


Get a clear look at where you are + where you're going.

These exercises were immensely helpful for us when we were starting out, and we hope they'll be just as enlightening for you! Make sure and share your discoveries in the community!


Check - In

Take some uninterrupted time to think deeply about the following areas of your life. (Parents, just do the best you can!) In this worksheet we're getting real with some struggles, but in a really proactive way. You can do this, friend! You've made it this far in your life, and think of everything you've learned. Let's take a look at where you are now so we can see what we need to do to move you towards the future.

Let us know what you think!

Check In

Schedule your Free Coaching Session

Now that you have a little more clarity on exactly where you're headed, schedule your free consultation with Tricia! We'll talk out your goals for the next few months, pinpoint struggle areas, and discuss your brand strategy.

Business Coaching




Get a clear idea of your future so you can better prioritize in the present.

If you're not regularly spending time visualizing your future, hopefully this exercise will convince you to! Every decision in your business (and your life!) is easier when you have a focused direction. The more clearly you can picture it the better!

This visualization exercise is about 10 minutes, and then there's also a super helpful worksheet to organize your thoughts and get specific about your goals.

Let us know what you think!

Goal Setting
Coaching Session
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