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Episode 0. - Welcome to It's Not Business, It's Personal

Welcome to the intro episode!

I just wanted to give you a little taste and feel for what to expect inside of this new podcast It’s Not Business, It’s Personal. Launching next week!

I’m Tricia Chinnici (it’s pronounced kee-nee-chee) and I’m a business coach for sensitive and creative small business owners. And what that means is I help my clients create businesses that work for them. For their specific personality type, working with their sensitivity instead of against it.

I know how we process and what we need to thrive because I myself am I highly sensitive person. And I’m thinking if you’ve chosen to listen to this podcast you might be too. Or you might at least be curious if you are.

As a highly sensitive person, you may have spent your whole life feeling different.

That was my experience, I come from a family of math and science focused high achievers, and I was always the one off dreaming in my room, reading books, playing guitar, and making art.

You may get overstimulated easily, if there’s too much going on your body or brain start to shut down.

You may need more time than others to process things.

More time alone.

You may have always had super strong emotions, and when other people are feeling emotions you feel them with them.

Someone can’t cry in front of you without you crying with them.